Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bertie and Me

Thought I'd share this photo here too, it was taken by my husband of my dog and I after I attended a friend's wedding :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trapped! By Bertie and our new kitten, Zaphod!

Kitten on one side, dog on the other. Whilst I was watching Burlesque, which Blockbuster had for hire for just $2 today! Also $2 each were Rimmel nail polishes, but thats a whole other story...:P

Hey wait a minute (I hear you say) Kitten? What kitten??? Well, Hubby's! I get a dog, he gets a cat. Though as I keep telling him, it's not a cat yet...just a tiny baby. Of course he named it. Zaphod Beeblebrox! It was that or Slartibartfast and he figured that would be too difficult to say all the time. So Zaphod it is.



Ha..this is gonna be fun.

So I couldn't really move during the movie, which is fine with me because I tend to sit still during a movie. It's my Dear Husband who fidgets. Drives me nuts! Drives his kitten even more nuts, when poor Zaphod is just trying to sleep :( So that's how he ended up next to me, because he can cuddle up to me without fear that I'll sit on him or anything.

Bertie was so tired he couldn't care less! Poor dog. I don't think he slept well last night because the kitten was yowling. He has settled in a bit more today.

Now if Bertie will leave me alone long enough, I'm going to give myself lovely pink fingernails!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....

Bertie: The dog with many names.

When calling him, it's;

Bertie Buttons
Bertie B Buttons (no idea what the B stands for)

If he is doing something wrong and I'm correcting him it's;


When we're playing, he's being super cute or even annoying-in-a-cute-way;

Ferret Face
Rabbit Ears
Smooshy Face

No wonder he doesn't come when called 100% of the time, he doesn't know what his name is! Poor dog...

Ferret Face and me

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy this.

As is becoming our routine in the mornings, Bertie was SO SO HAPPY to see me! Jumping and dancing and licking. He continued this Crazy Dog behaviour for about an hour, then he becomes Sleepy Dog;

(taken with my MacBook webcam thingie)

What happened to my nice calm and cuddly Chihuahua? Huh?!

Today was the first day I had to leave Bertie home alone (stupid job...) and it just about broke my heart!
Bertie was only alone for about an hour, until my other half got home. Unfortunately for OH, Bertie isn't too keen on him yet, and spent the remainder of their time together hiding under the coffee table :(

We're attempting to change their relationship by having OH feed Bertie Scooby Snacks. Time will tell!

So I went about my normal routine tonight. Make dinner, watch TV, relax.... Bertie - however - had other ideas! Instead of the cuddly, snuggly little doggie I've had for the past couple of days, today I got CRAZY DOG!Dashing around, jumping all over me, and his pouncing-dashing-hiding game.

Bertie has this game, where he will pounce on something, then dash away, hide, peek out at it, dash back, pounce...repeat as required. Works on bits of kibble, shoes, me, my lip balm tube (which he has found and nicked off with several times! a piece of fluff, thin air... anything really.

As well as that game, Bertie just likes ZOOMIES! Which on our nice smooth linoleum floor, often ends in skiddies! Which are hilarious to watch. Haha. When I laugh at Bertie he tries to lick inside my mouth...blergh. He gave me heart palpitations before by climbing up onto the back of the couch. So high up for such a tiny dog! No fear, this one.

Ahh...Crazy Bertie has turned into Sleepy Bertie now. Phew! I was worried this manic behaviour would never end!

I stepped outside for a few minutes to check the mail this evening, according to hubby Bertie cried while I was gone even though I was back within 60 seconds! I think he was just really happy that I was home.

Bertie has clearly chosen me as his pet.

No pics tonight, as Bertie just would not sit still long enough!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bertie's first trip to the beach

My friend and I had today off, so we decided to take Bertie out for his first trip to the beach, along with another friend and his dog Chester.

On the drive there, Bertie was a perfectly calm little dog. I decided to forgo the carrier this time, though I did bring it with us. Bertie preferred instead to nestle in my arms, or sit up and look out the window (no risk of him jumping out the window, A) he couldn't reach and B) I had him in a harness which I held securely)

(sorry for crap pic - used my phone)

Upon arriving, I introduced Bertie to my friends and the dog Chester. He was a little nervous, but not snappy or anything.

We ventured down to the beach, me carrying Bertie for ease of travel. I deposited him on the sand, but all he wanted to do was hide behind my legs ! Not keen on venturing beyond my lap or my shadow.
 Oh Bertie :(

In this photo, he is clearly saying "Are you REALLY expecting me to go out there??

Think I'll sit with this one for awhile, SHE doesn't put me in inch-deep water! 

Ah yes I like this spot. 
So I carried him down to the water to watch Chester (a Staffy/Bull Arab) wrestle with his soccer ball. Chester LOVED his ball. He would even chase it into the surf! Haha.

After a while I did put Bertie down, and encouraged him to walk around (mostly by running away a little, I felt so cruel!) He didn't mind the water at all, but I didn't put him in deep water, just about an inch of retreating waves.

A few dogs came past us, mostly larger ones, which I didn't try to approach - but there were a couple of small breeds, which we did say hello to. One terrier mixbreed, named Roxie, was lovely. Interesting - because her owner reckoned she was usualy quite grumpy around new dogs and people!

They had a bit of a sniff after I let Bertie take a look at her from the safety of my arms. All went well, but he was keen to return to me.

We headed back to our bags on the softer sand, to sit with my friend (and have a drink from Chester's water dish - which he was kind enough to share)After his drink, Chester started his trench digging job, which he takes very seriously...

Bertie watched this procedure very closely, as I said, 'learning how to be a dog' Haha. I told him I expect a trench from him the next time we visit the beach.

After a bit of trench digging, Chester found his soccer ball again, Bertie found this highly interesting

After a few minutes of snuggling up to me, watching Chester, Bertie ventured out on his own !!! I was more than a little shocked. He went at least 10 metres away from me, happily digging in the sand (randomly, not clearly set-out trenches, like Chester did) and generally exploring. Of course he found something gross to play with, but I quickly threw it far away (he watched it fly, possibly considering chasing it but in the end deciding against the idea)

Bertie exploring.

Bertie about to shake off the sand he has accumulated.

Bertie shaking! 

He's off!

After all that exploring, Bertie was pretty sleepy. He slept almost the entire way home, and is currently sacked out on my lap (the glow of my macbook doesn't seem to bother him) positioned with his head significantly lower than his body. Don't know how dogs can comfortably do that! Many seem to, though.

Bertie says goodnight.

Introducing...Bertie Buttons!

Hello everyone, this is my new baby, Bertie Buttons! He is an 11 month old smoothcoat fawn/blue male Chihuahua.

This photo was taken a couple of days ago, during his first couple of hours in his new home. Bertie liked my Bonds hoodie, so when I got a bit warm I just shrugged out of it and left him wrapped in it ^_^

Bertie fell asleep on me after a little while, so I -afraid to wake him- instead of getting up and making myself lunch, just reached into my bag and ate the funsize Snickers that was in there ...hehe. Bertie clearly has me wrapped around his little paw already!